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@HypnoWilder Partnerships
@QuantumWilder Chief Marketing Officer
Sunshine Rayne and Chris Wilder Community
Dave Waslen Finance & Partnerships
What can We Expect From Wilder World in 2022?

Wilder World is kicking it into high gear. They just raised another $30M USDC that will allow them to move much closer to the 5D Photorealistic Metaverse they have been working on for years.

The roadmap for 2022 is divided into three parts. Currently we are on Phase 1.

Phase 1: Invoking the Wilder Spirit

“Getting the basics right was a big takeaway from the community AMAs, and we want you to know we hear you loud and clear. To us, this includes a more coherent and well-thought-out strategy for our collectors. We will expand on NFT collection utility and prioritize rewarding the ever faithful Wilder Nation who continue to carry the torch with us into uncharted territory.”

There are going to be 5 key deliverables in this phase of 2022:

  • Wilder Pets
  • Air Wild Season 2
  • Wilder.Moto
  • Wilder World Metaverse Market Version 2
  • Wilder Wheels Racing Loop

Phase 2: Pioneering the Wild West:

  • metaverse land sales
  • Property Development in Wilder World

Phase 3: Into the Wild

  • Create Unique Avatars

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