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Completed / Planned


  • All 10,000 worlds minted – Finished October 5th, 2021
  • World rarity & distribution data files – Released October 10th, 2021
  • Minecraft support – Finished October 12th, 2021
  • World manager dApp – Finished October 20th, 2021
  • World syncing to update worlds on the blockchain – Finished October 30th, 2021


  • World explorer dApp to explore worlds in browser – Finished November 14th, 2021


  • $WRLD token – Released December 2021


  • Multiplayer released – Released January 2022
  • Open source multiplayer server released – Released January 2022
  • World staking to earn $WRLD – Completed January 2022, Awaiting Certik Audit For Release


  • Cross-platform playable (Xbox, PS, Switch, Phones, Tablets) – Completed February 2022
  • Payments dApp for in-game $WRLD transactions – Completed February 2022
  • Blockchain & web API interaction layer – Expected February 2022
  • Multiplayer proximity voice chat – Expected February 2022


  • Support for world owner created play-to-earn systems – Expected March 2022
  • Support for playable 3D NFT character partnerships – Expected April 2022
  • Roadmap 2.0 – Expected April 2022

NFT World Breakdown

1. NFT Worlds - A Metaverse Built on Minecraft

Rather than building their own Voxel Style Metaverse, the NFTWorlds team has decided to build it directly on the Minecraft Platform. This team prioritizes speed, and feels that it is important to capture this period of NFT community growth, and get to the metaverse as soon as possible.

A metaverse built on Mine Craft offers these specific advantages

  • familiar with controls
  • Cross Platform Support / XBOX PC every device
  • Simple but powerful world building tools
  • Support for custom game mechanics
  • Minecraft has existing server capabilities and can host thousands of people
  • A simple to use, programmable system that lets world owners create in-world interactions that interface directly with smart contracts and web apis in real time, opening up nearly infinite possibilities for what can be built.

2. What does NFT Worlds Allow?

  • Low Barrier to entry
  • flexible play to earn metaverse for any project or community
  • Made building a massive multiplayer metaverse easy
  • Added a blockchain layer for transactions and NFT Verification

Basically. NFT’s are starting to offer more utility. To get into chats, in-real-life events, or to unlock specific privileges you need verification of owning specific assets. The metaverse will be the same. By using Minecraft’s platform, NFT communities will be able to easily build massively multiplayer online metaverses.

3. How do I create a World

It all begins with buying an NFT from NFT Worlds (Here) Each world comes with different resources, different land areas, and water areas. Some are more rare than others that’s why some sell for more. These can be purchased on OpenSea for ETH.

*** Photo of 2 worlds that sold for way different prices showing difference in resources*****

You can get access to one of these NFTWorld NFT’s in 2 ways:

  • Buying one: Buying one on OpenSea gives you full access with to your world until you sell it. It also comes with some financial advantages. One we will go over next (renting it to other users), and one we will go over later
  • Renting one: You can rent an NFT World by paying a fixed amount of $WRLD per month. This is the native currency and we will go over it in detail next

Once you have access to an NFTWorld NFT you have two options for building your world

  • You can build it on your own: There will be a slight learning curve here. It will take some time to learn all of the features of building it out. But if you have people on your team or in your community who have played Minecraft in the past, it shouldn’t be too tall of a task. It would also be a fun way to get an NFT Community Involved.
  • You can hire a professional: If you want to work with a professional world builder that’s been verified by NFT Worlds who can build fully custom environments, completely custom game modes, play to earn experiences and help launch your world, you can head over to the NFT Worlds Builder Marketplace Discord server. Here you will find all the resources you need to hire someone to build out your world

4. The $WRLD Token

$WRLD is the in game token (coinmarketcap) that is deployed on both Etherium and Polygon.

  • This token is used as the in game currency
  • It allows for quick gasless transactions (Why they used Polygon)
  • It can be bridged at any time to Polygon by using the in game Polygon bridge
  • Can be used for escrow services, player trading mechanics and so much more
  • It can even be used for selling plots of land within your world

I want to pause here to highlight that last part. NFT Worlds essentially divided a massive plot of land into 10,000 parts, sold them as NFT’s which can be turned into your own metaverse. Then it allows you to purchase land within those worlds, and maybe even within those! The possibilites are endless because each world has full control over their worlds rules and back end

5. Tokenomics

Here is the $WRLD Token Distribution

Their Initial $WRLD Distribution has been set up with the following in mind:

  • Incentivise players to join and play
  • Give team $WRLD so that they can run promotions, growth competitions
  • $WRLD Owners – $WRLD will also be used to purchase things outside of the game like NFTWorld Developers and creators, to build out your world
  • Staking – Gives world owners another way to earn money

Play to Earn Fountain

  • give players access to $WRLD through completing quests, challenges, winning competitions and more across the NFT Worlds ecosystem
  • Owners of the worlds can implement fair games into their world that is eligible for these distributions. Take note here, the lions share of the distribution is P2E rewards. This is really really cool. This gives players an incentive to play, and game owners an incentive to create games that attract people to their world
  • If you create a game that is fun, that people can earn money while playing, this increases the likelyhood that players will stay and purchase in game items

Own $WRLD distribution

  • Owners of worlds can create any type of game with no limitations when rewarding players in their own treaury of $WRLD. So gambling is fair game
  • When using the NFTWorld P2E distribution every game that is not created with their custom template needs to be reviewed by the NFTWorlds team.
    • For Example, you can’t do gambling, or games that are not completely fair and free to all users
    • That is, you can’t require users to first purchase one of your NFT’s to play, then allow them to win NFTWorlds P2E distributions

6. What is $WRLD Used For?

Primary Medium Of Exchange

$WRLD is the main medium of exchange within the NFT World’s ecosystem. In many NFT Worlds, it will be necessary for players to give world owners $WRLD tokens in order to access the content, perks, competitions and more that world owners have created in their worlds.

Play To Earn

NFT Worlds will implement mechanisms for players to earn $WRLD tokens by playing games in worlds. Additionally, world owners may incentivize players to visit their worlds through competitions, free to play games and more that reward players with $WRLD tokens.

Future Uses

The $WRLD token will always be the primary token within the NFT Worlds ecosystem. It will be integrated into any future use cases for our platform where it makes sense for the community and ecosystem.

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