NETVRK allows you to shape and create your own metaverse using their easy-to-use VWGen editor. With no programming skills, you can build cool structures, games and whatever you can imagine on your land. You can invite friends, or make new ones and enjoy each others  presence in a VR metaverse where every asset is buyable and sellable as an NFT. The land in Netvrk is divided into five regions: Entertainment, Adult, Business, Education, Creative allowing for many things to do and build no matter who you are, and they even make it easy to monetize your creations. Given that Netvrk is so open, and free, there are so many possibilities within this metaverse. We talk more about these possibilities in the videos below.



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What is the vision and mission of Netvrk?

Vision: To become the next evolution of the internet by offering the world a way to consume and create immersive experiences while monetizing and sharing content that will result in an ever-expanding virtual metaverse.

Mission: Our goal is to generate a unique and visually attractive world, ready to be explored, populated, and even reshaped to match all users’ needs. NetVRk’s users will be able to use their worlds for personal and professional purposes while enjoying a blockchain-based ecosystem that provides them with the tools to monetize their VR environments in a secure economy.

How does NETVRK solve the difficulties of creating assets in VR?

VR creation tends to be difficult. It requires knowledge in different areas and the technology changes often. In Netvrk’s Whitepaper they claim:

“The VWGen editor allows everyone to get involved with VR, providing tools and functions to create VR applications quickly and efficiently within a sandbox environment.”

The editor will allow for people and businesses of all types and sizes to create fun, interesting, or profitable structures within the NetVRK Metaverse

How does NetVRK help with monetization?

NetVRk offers multiple means of VR monetization as well as rewards for participation. All users will benefit from all of VR under one roof, and there will be an array of possibilities from which to capitalize. 


With NetVRk, businesses can create and sell custom VR environments and earn royalties. Advertisers can easily place ads to promote product or service awareness and generate an additional revenue stream. Content creators can produce unique offerings, and also lease or sell them to other users while earning an income.

Who will benefit from NetVrk?

Netvrk is divided into zones:Entertainment, Adult, Business, Education, Creative. All of these will serve different purposes in the metaverse and the different zones will provide nice organization to Netvrk.

The types of people are not limited to the following:


Content Creators / Advertisers



Gamers/VR Enthusaists


In my opinion. These people may come in as one of these, and leave as all of them. I think of open metaverses like netvrk as a great merger. A gamer may come in and be good at gaming, and now it is a skill that other businesses will need to create a fun metaverse. There will be lots of collaboration and people will be able to find new ways to market those skills. It is an introverts dream. Some people struggle to find ways in the physical world to express themselves. But now they will be able to express themselves in completely new ways, and if they want, they can do it anonymously. People are no longer limited to physical barriers.

How does the token ecosystem work in Netvrk?

Like many of the other metaverses they share 5 key elements. This isn’t especially unique as almost all of the metaverses have these key features. As more features roll out we will analyze and make posts on the merits of all of these features:


Buying Assets

Buying Land

Buying Ad Space

Generating NFT’s


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