Moonbirds Market Reaction

Moonbirds Market Reaction

Moonbirds Market Reaction

Moonbirds Expectations

  • People had this strange idea that Moonbirds was a cash grab. And as one bored ape put it. Taking 75million $ out of the market.
  • LOL this is an absurd take in so many levels. All of this money is going into creating value for the moonbirds holders and they are even hiring 50 people with this money.
  • This will not only bring value to the moonbird holders but will also raise the bar in terms of utility NFT’s.

What Happened

  • In the first 24 hours post mint, there was 14 sales for over $200,000 USD
  • and there was 40 sales for over 100,000 USD

Problems with the Art

  • People also for some reason think that these NFT’s were lazy. “The art was bad”. There is no team with more access to great artists than proof, in the entire space. They have countless people they could bring on to make the most detailed and interesting pfps.
  • But this is not what they are trying to do. This team wanted to create a simple and noticable PFP project to get more people involved. And in my opinion the art is awesome
  • The Owls are cute, fun, and an instant viral sensation. They have great variety and some of the properties are amazing. My favorites are these ones that are chromie squiggle moonbirds.

Honest take

  • This was a much more appropriate take. This gives me faith in the apes. We need more people at the top of the NFT space to appreciate how weird and unpredictable. When any of the top influencers in the space say “The NFT space isn’t good anymore” or something along these lines. They are pouting 100%.

Why so much action on Floor?

  • I think this makes a lot of sense.
  • Nesting doesn’t launch until later this month and when this happens there will be way less trading. People don’t realize what’s going to happen when almost all of the birds leave the secondary market. There’s only going to be a few available at any given time.
  • My honest price prediction for May 30th is 45ETH Floor. Next year I expect them to flip Apes. I think they are going to offer a more fun, short term metaverse experience than YUGA, and I think Proof is going to absolutely crush. But this is my opinion take it with a grain of salt.
Moonbirds NFT

Moonbirds NFT


  • The Proof Podcast was created by Kevin Rose and it is the most popular NFT podcasts for serious NFT collectors and traders.
  • It is also my favorite podcast.
  • He has amazing guests, a very unique perspective, and they dive deep into topics you won’t hear anywhere else
  • From this podcast a community of listeners emerged and now over 150,000 people listen to each one.


  • And in January they released the proof collective NFT which is a 1000 pass collection dedicated to cultivating a passionate community of collectors and artists. 
  • In January Proof Collective Passes minted dutch auction style and went down close to around 1ETH and now sits at a 67ETH floor. 
  • The Proof Collective community is made up of the best collectors in the world and collectively these 1000 members own 817 Bored Apes and 148 Crypto Punks. You do the math. 
  • But Kevin and the Proof Team wanted to create a way for more people to join the community and participate in the growth of their business
  • So this is where Moonbirds Come in


  • Moonbirds will be their PFP project
  • Moonbirds are little Owls and the art seems to be super fun and simple
  • However I want to start with the coolest feature I’ve seen in NFT’s in a VERY long time
  • This feature is Proof Of Time with Nesting. 
  • In simple terms, this means the longer you hold your NFT the better the rewards get
  • They have planned amazing utility and rewards for holders, but with nesting, you unlock these rewards when you’ve held (or nested) these NFT’s for x amount of days.
  • The longer you nest the more fun, useful, and profitable they become
  • We can compare this to Apes, where everyone who held Apes or Mutants at one moment in time (A snapshot), got rewarded with the same amount of Ape Coin. In a podcast Kevin stated that he didn’t like this and he thought those who supported from the beginning should have been given a larger share.
  • And this is premise behind nesting
  • In terms of rewards he didn’t want to release too much 
  • But we know that Kevin and the proof team have the most resources in the NFT space in terms of artists, celebrities, and overall reach, so for those who hold over the next 5 years, I imagine these rewards and utility are going to be unreal and include meeting people in real life
  • He also teased a metaverse project they are building called Highrise which is a unique project that will allow moonbirds holders to hangout and have a unique experience together


  • 10,000 Moonbirds
  • 2000 given to proof collective holders (2 moonbirds each)
  • ~150 given to team, staff, advisors, and involved celebs/influencers
  • Dutch auction – starting at 2.5eth
  • Works its way down from there (6hours) all the way down to .1
  • Kevin it will drop a lot and people will be able to get in around 1 (Personally, I think they will sell out at 2.5)
  • The money raised from this sale will be reinvested into their business, and they will be hiring close to 50 people to help manage this community and innovate in the NFT space
  • Kevin’s vision for this project is to create a top 5 PFP NFT project and blue chip
  • Obviously 2.5ETH is still expensive for many, but if there was one project for someone who is new to NFT’s I would say that this is one of the lowest risk NFTs you could get and would also provide a community that will help you learn and understand the space.
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The owner receives the canvas and an identical NFT of the work, which serves as both an asset on its own and a proof of ownership. While still in its early stages, it’s proven successful—the first NFT put up for sale by artist Tommy Disco sold in 2 hours for .1515 Ethereum (around $365 USD.)

Apollo said that his business model helps street artists by getting them in touch with graphic designers who can create NFTs for them and in turn marketing them in a sea of global NFTs. As a result, both value and authenticity is added to these artists’ already successful work.

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NFT Worlds: Resources to get you started

Here are some necessary resources to get you up to speed on NFT Worlds. The First video is a complete guide by Bookman, and he just goes through and talks about the different parts of NFT Worlds. The second video is from our podcast and we discuss NFT Worlds as well as the wider implications.