Moonbirds Market Reaction

Moonbirds Expectations

  • People had this strange idea that Moonbirds was a cash grab. And as one bored ape put it. Taking 75million $ out of the market.
  • LOL this is an absurd take in so many levels. All of this money is going into creating value for the moonbirds holders and they are even hiring 50 people with this money.
  • This will not only bring value to the moonbird holders but will also raise the bar in terms of utility NFT’s.

What Happened

  • In the first 24 hours post mint, there was 14 sales for over $200,000 USD
  • and there was 40 sales for over 100,000 USD

Problems with the Art

  • People also for some reason think that these NFT’s were lazy. “The art was bad”. There is no team with more access to great artists than proof, in the entire space. They have countless people they could bring on to make the most detailed and interesting pfps.
  • But this is not what they are trying to do. This team wanted to create a simple and noticable PFP project to get more people involved. And in my opinion the art is awesome
  • The Owls are cute, fun, and an instant viral sensation. They have great variety and some of the properties are amazing. My favorites are these ones that are chromie squiggle moonbirds.

Honest take

  • This was a much more appropriate take. This gives me faith in the apes. We need more people at the top of the NFT space to appreciate how weird and unpredictable. When any of the top influencers in the space say “The NFT space isn’t good anymore” or something along these lines. They are pouting 100%.

Why so much action on Floor?

  • I think this makes a lot of sense.
  • Nesting doesn’t launch until later this month and when this happens there will be way less trading. People don’t realize what’s going to happen when almost all of the birds leave the secondary market. There’s only going to be a few available at any given time.
  • My honest price prediction for May 30th is 45ETH Floor. Next year I expect them to flip Apes. I think they are going to offer a more fun, short term metaverse experience than YUGA, and I think Proof is going to absolutely crush. But this is my opinion take it with a grain of salt.
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